Airsoft Centurions

Honor First!

Pizza Night

We meet once a month for "pizza night" to discuss club issues and socialize off the field. Please visit the Events page for more info!



The following requirements are for those that wish to become members. To play in our games, you need only suit up in the minimum loadout as outlined in the Join section.


The official Centurion Uniform consists of:

Battle Dress Uniform

The minimum dress requirement is a set of military pants and shirt. (aka BDU's or Battle Dress Uniform.)


Our primary pattern is 'Multicam Tropic' or other "Green" uniform:


Multicam Tropic


Other "Green" palette uniforms approved for use include:





Olive Drab

Flecktarn German

Flecktarn Russian

Russian Flora

ERDL Highland

ERDL Lowland

DPM Woodland




While other patterns may have their place in scenario games, all Centurions are expected to own and wear one of the approved "Green" patterns listed above at our events unless otherwise directed.


T-shirts: Olive Drab Centurion Shirt
Tactical Gear: OCP (not mandatory)
Boots: Coyote Brown (not mandatory)
Gloves: Any.



Our patches consist of a Centurion Patch, US Flag Patch, Centurions Name Tape, and a Personal Name Tape.


Centurion Patch
Centurion Patch
Left Shoulder
US Flag Patch

US Flag Patch

Right Shoulder


In addition, we issue two name tapes for your blouse that go above the pockets: 'Centurions' for the left side and 'Your Name' (or nickname) on the right side.




Name tapes will be ordered for you when you join.


All patches/nametapes have velcro backing for easy application.


Airsoft Gun

We play primarily at Combat Enterprises events which uses the following velocity limits:

Outdoor: 400 fps max as measured with .20g ammo.
Indoor: 320 fps max as measured with .20g ammo.

Other venues may vary, but since we play primarily at CE fields and events be sure to invest in some guns that meet these limits.


While it is not mandatory, we prefer that you invest in military style/M16 series weapons as a primary and Kalishnikov style/AK series weapons as a secondary.


M16 Series
M16 Series - Primary


AK47 Series
AK47 Series - Secondary


Again, this is not mandatory and you are free to use a variety of weapons, but we strive to have a contrast between our armies. The M16 series tend to signify 'Western' forces and the AK's are notorious as their counterpart throughout the world. Please try to invest in these as they will enhance your experience on the battlefield.


Safety Gear

This depends on the venue. Centurions always follow the prescribed safety gear requirements for the venue they are attending.


For our private games you may wear whatever eye/face protection you wish. You are playing at your own risk so it's up to you.


For Combat Enterprises events, ANSI, ASTM or MILSPEC rated ballistic goggles with a full seal are required. Paintball goggles/mask are recommended for their superior strength and durability.


Paintball goggles are recommended!


JT also offers thermal lenses which are a must or your goggles will fog up during play. A sweatband or other material to cover your forehead will help prevent you from fogging up as well.



Centurions are required to wear tactical footwear with their uniform. You must have some type of closed toe footwear with ankle support and combat boots are preferred (no street shoes).


Good quality boots ensure both durability and comfort on the battlefield so it's wise to invest in a high quality pair for sustained use.


Recommended Gear

In addition to the mandatory requirements listed above, we recommend the following gear for sustained airsoft play:

  • Headgear (Boonie Hat, etc.)
  • Thermal Lenses for Goggles or anti-fog spray/wipe
  • Small rag to wipe goggles
    Note! Never touch thermal lenses! You must use micro-fiber cloth or you will scratch them.
  • 1-3 Hi Capacity Magazines
  • 1-2 Hi Capacity Batteries
  • Battery Charger (w/DC capability)
  • Watch or other Timepiece
  • Harness (belt + suspenders) or Tac Vest
  • Gloves
  • Radio
  • Canteen or CamelBack
  • Money for admission and ammo.
  • Sweatband or headwrap