Airsoft Centurions

Honor First!

Pizza Night

We meet once a month for "pizza night" to discuss club issues and socialize off the field. Please visit the Events page for more info!


"Boris" Legio Praetoria


Aaron Bruno "Bad Luck" Legio Praetoria

Occupation: Laboratory Technician
Years Playing Wargames: Since 2013
Favorite Fields: Sequoia, Aex pistol field, still trying others!
Favorite Movie: Anything from the Aliens and Predator series.
Favorite Book: Enders Game, Bruce Campbell's autobiography
Motto: "Honor or nothing!"
Interests: PC gaming, Auto Racing, the biological sciences


Joe Discipulo "One Eye" Legio Praetoria


Dave Dollarhide "D-Day" Legio Praetoria

Occupation: Project Manager
Years Playing Wargames:
Centurion Since: 2003
Favorite Fields: All of them!


Shanna Dollarhide "Feather Jewel" Legio Amazonia

Occupation: Project Coordinator
Years Playing Wargames:
Centurion Since: 2003
Favorite Fields: Modesto Airsoft


Jesse Edmands "Raweye" Legio Praetoria

Occupation: Mobile Eradication
Years Playing Wargames:
Centurion Since: 2007
Favorite Fields: After playing all the available Fields and scenarios in the bay area, I only play Sequoia. This is the best Field in the bay area. 'nuf said!
Favorite Music: From the 80's to modern -as long as its rock and roll!


Laurie Edmands "Atomic Blonde" Legio Honorus

Occupation: Office Manager
Years Playing Wargames: 0- I'm a loser I know
Centurion Since: 2008
Favorite Fields: Sequoia / Modesto -- Basically all the CE Fields
Favorite Movie: Katie Morgan's Porn 101
Favorite Book: The Stand
Interests: Metal Music, Wicca, Horror Films
Motto: "There's a spell for that"


Nik Giatis "El Greco" Legio Praetoria


Nick Marinovich "Specialist" Legio Praetoria


Steven Pham "House" Legio Praetoria

Occupation: Student
Years Playing Wargames: Since 2009
Favorite Fields: Sequoia
Favorite Movie: The Lakehouse (Yea, I know), Kondo no Nichiyoubi ni
Favorite Book: Pieces of You, The Last Lecture
Motto: "Mapping, Remixing, and Remapping the Human Soul"
Interests: Airsoft, Korean Music, Tennis, Video Games (Metal Gear Solid, Monster Hunter, Splinter Cell, WarCraft III: TFT)


Melissa Ramirez "Missy" Legio Honorus

Occupation: Hostess, Model, Belly Dancer, Airsoft Referee
Years Playing Wargames:
Centurion Since: 2008
Favorite Fields: Sequoia & Modesto


Mike Vujicevich "Big Itch" Legio Honorus


Christopher Welch "The Mechanic" Legio Praetoria

Occupation: Truck/ Big Rig dealership mechanic
Years Playing Wargames: 1
Favorite Fields: SEQUOIA! And AEX Santa Clara.
Favorite Movie: Original Star Wars Trilogy (Yeah, I know, total nerrrrrrd.)
Favorite Book: The Dresden Files series.
Motto: "One is happy to be of service."
Interests: Fixing things, shooting things, and helping with things.