Airsoft Centurions

Honor First!

Pizza Night

We meet once a month for "pizza night" to discuss club issues and socialize off the field. Please visit the Events page for more info!


Our Mission

The mission of The Centurions airsoft club is a simple one: to enjoy our hobby and have fun.


Our goal is to meet other fun-loving airsoft enthusiasts and enjoy the thrill of mock warfare in a safe and friendly environment. The only thing we are serious about is fun!


Airsoft is our recreation and provides a chance to develop teamwork, camaraderie, and exercise in a relaxed and social setting. We are avid outdoorsman and enjoy camping as well.


Airsoft Ambassadors

Centurions strive to set a good example for all airsoft players by honoring the rules and being good sportsman at all times. We respect the environment and are friendly and helpful to new players.


We pride ourselves on our conduct, integrity, and reputation as honorable airsoft players.