Airsoft Centurions

Honor First!

Pizza Night

We meet once a month for "pizza night" to discuss club issues and socialize off the field. Please visit the Events page for more info!



Centurion members enjoy many benefits!


In addition to being part of a group of fine airsoft players and good people, membership offers a chance to work within an organized group, gather support for projects, and uphold your reputation as an honorable player.


We participate in monthly airsoft and social events making many new friends in the process. Centurions strive to work together on the battlefield to build up our camaraderie and small unit tactics. Our members consist of both new and veteran airsoft players from all walks of life.


Members also receive discounts to local fields, scenario events and retailers.


The Centurions is built on a democratic charter where everyone has an equal voice in the club. We discuss club business with all members and everyone has a chance to be heard. We collect dues and maintain a treasury to build up funds for our projects and supplies.


The list goes on and on!


How to Become a Centurion

To join the Centurions, one would be at least 18 years of age and have acquired the minimum loadout. Then, it's simply a matter of attending our events to get to know of us and vice-versa.


Please use the Contact Form and send a brief description of yourself to begin the process.


Be sure to introduce yourself at the events which will start the minimum 90 day probation from the time we meet you in person.


We use the probationary period to get to know you so be sure to attend as many events as possible. After the probationary period we should know you well enough to make an informed decision. Then, we'll discuss it at the pizza night and vote you in!