Airsoft Centurions

Honor First!

Pizza Night

We meet once a month for "pizza night" to discuss club issues and socialize off the field. Please visit the Events page for more info!


How to Join Centurion Events

We extend an open invitation to all honorable airsoft players both new and veterans alike.


To join one of our events, you need only acquire the minimum loadout and register for the event.


Minimum Loadout

Airsoft Gun

We play primarily at Combat Enterprises events which uses the following velocity limits:

Outdoor: 400 fps max as measured with .20g ammo.
Indoor: 320 fps max as measured with .20g ammo.

Other venues may vary, but since we play primarily at CE fields and events be sure to invest in some guns that meet these limits.


Safety Gear

This depends on the venue. Centurions always follow the prescribed safety gear requirements for the venue they are attending.


For our private games you may wear whatever eye/face protection you wish. You are playing at your own risk so it's up to you.


For Combat Enterprises events, ANSI, ASTM or MILSPEC rated ballistic goggles with a full seal are required. Paintball goggles/mask are recommended for their superior strength and durability.


Paintball goggles are recommended!


JT also offers thermal lenses which are a must or your goggles will fog up during play. A sweatband or other material to cover your forehead will help prevent you from fogging up as well.


Tactical Attire

The minimum dress requirement is a set of tactical pattern pants and shirt. (aka BDU's or Battle Dress Uniform.)


Some games require certain patterns. ACU and Woodland are the most common but many players have more than one set:






3-color Desert

6-color Desert








Boots are optional, but highly encouraged. You should wear some type of closed toe footwear with ankle support and combat boots are preferred.


Headgear and other garments should be in subdued colors. You do NOT want to stand out on the battlefield!


Your uniform is just as important as your airsoft gun for the looks of the game. Start with pants and a shirt then focus on your accessories such as headgear, webgear, gloves, etc. A pair of good boots is a wise investment for their longevity and comfort on the field.


Honor and Sportsmanship

Honor and sportsmanship is expected at all times as outlined in our Code of Honor.


Airsoft is a game of honor. This goes for velocity limits, ammo rules, calling yourself out on the field, etc. Cheating is grounds for immediate ejection from the game and ban from future events.


Sportsmanship is expected both on and off the field. Players are expected to behave like gentlemen and there is no tolerance for attitude or belligerence.


Your actions on the field is a reflection of your character. We have developed a fun and friendly environment and expect to keep it that way. Any other behavior jeopardizes your ability to participate and you simply will not be invited back.


What next?

Once you have acquired the minimum loadout, submit your contact information on Contact Form and you will begin receiving invites to our events.


Upcoming events are listed on the event calendar.


Feel free to contact us in advance and be sure to introduce yourself at the game.


We also have a social gathering 'pizza night' once a month which is a great place to meet as well. Consult the event calendar for more info and submit the Contact Form the receive invites as well.