Airsoft Centurions

Honor First!

Pizza Night

We meet once a month for "pizza night" to discuss club issues and socialize off the field. Please visit the Events page for more info!


Code of Honor

  1. 'Honoro Primorus'
    Honor First! Centurions are honorable people and play in accordance with all rules and regulations. Breaking the rules or other unsportsmanlike conduct is grounds for termination.

  2. Centurions play airsoft for fun.
    This is our hobby and recreation. We play airsoft to enjoy the thrill of mock combat in a safe and friendly environment. Having fun and enjoying the camaraderie with others is far more important than competition.

  3. New Players
    Centurions treat both veteran and new players alike with courtesy and respect. Centurions are friendly and strive to treat others as they would themselves.

  4. Rules and Regulations
    Centurions honor all prescribed game rules and regulations whether it be velocity limits, safety gear or calling yourself out on the field.

  5. Player Safety
    Centurions will observe a 20ft 'safe zone' around all players regardless of venue. Centurions never shoot anyone within 20ft. Instead, they will call 'surrender' as a courtesy to our fellow players.

  6. Environmental Safety
    Centurions respect the environment and use biodegradable when required. We do not litter and pack out all garbage as well.

  7. Uniform
    Centurions will wear the prescribed uniform and club patches.

  8. Firearms Etiquette
    Centurions will use proper firearms etiquette at all times. Airsoft guns must be treated like real firearms. Keep them pointed up or down (never muzzle sweep anyone) and safeties on until ready to play. Transport them in cases and never brandish them in public.

  9. Sportsmanship
    Good sportsmanship is the foundation of the Centurions and all members are expected to play with integrity. Our reputation is that of fun-loving people and we strive to be friendly with others at all times. While the nature of the game can be competitive, we frown upon arrogance and conceit nor is this the place for big ego's. We do this for fun above all else.