Airsoft Centurions

Honor First!

Pizza Night

We meet once a month for "pizza night" to discuss club issues and socialize off the field. Please visit the Events page for more info!



Centurions are avid outdoorsman and enjoy camping in the great outdoors.


Many of our events offer camping but it is most often optional. Camping offers beautiful surroundings and a chance to get away from the walks of daily life.


We enjoy socializing around the campfire, outdoor cooking, and other activities among friendly people. Please feel free to join us when you can!


Below is a fairly comprehensive list of camping gear you should strive to accrue.


Many items can be shared such as a grill, shovel, etc. and the minimum requirement is a tent, sleeping bag, food & water, ice chest, clothing, mess kit, flashlight, and toiletries.


  • tent
  • ground cloth/tarp or shelter
  • sleeping bag
  • extra clothing, sweater, jacket
  • pillow
  • lantern
  • blanket
  • flashlight
  • propane stove
  • cooking/eating utensils, pots/pans
  • mess kit
  • coffee mug
  • toilet gear
  • towel
  • groceries
  • dishwashing equipment
  • warm stuff (hat, gloves, warm socks, neck gator, thermal underwear)
  • plastic garbage bags
  • camera
  • paper towels
  • insect repellant
  • fresh water jug
  • charcoal/bbq tools
  • chair
  • sun block
  • knife
  • sun glasses
  • camera
  • backpack
  • guns/ammo
  • hatchet
  • can opener
  • grill
  • pot holder
  • compass
  • first aid kit
  • matches/lighter
  • radio